Voices for Justice 2014

In less than a month, Simon Kennedy and I will travel to Canberra for 4 days to participate in Micah Challenge’s annual national gathering ‘Voices for Justice’.  The first two days will be spent at a relaxed conference that includes advocacy and theological teaching, worship, prayer and workshops.  Then the real action beings when we…

Living a Questionable Life

I’m not one for trite sayings or five step plans that promise to improve our lives in every conceivable way.  Books that promise ‘4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice’ or ‘5 Steps to Sharing your Faith’ are just not my thing. Thus I started reading Mike Frost’s new book (actually an e-book) ‘5 Habits of Highly…

Good Friday video – Skit Guys

A dramatic retelling of Jesus’ last day. Hear from six individuals who were close to Jesus before his death on the cross, Good Friday. This video sets the stage for Christ’s resurrection and shows God’s forgiveness and love for mankind.

Journey to the Cross 2014

Jesus is front and centre at Easter time. Mainstream media report on church services and we see movies depicting the life of Christ on TV. Sometimes all the noise makes it hard for us to focus on the reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection. At BRBC we want to help each other centre our lives…

Making the most of Easter – NT Wright Videos

This 10-minute video from NT Wright provides some interesting insights into the historical reliability of the resurrection which sits at the heart of our faith.


A much longer and more thorough historical and coverage of the resurrection by Wright is also available if you have the time.