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We are looking are looking for our new senior pastor. Click on the image to read the role description. For more information please contact John via

Guess who's coming to coffee

Embrace Women’s Ministry is running their annual ‘guess who’s coming to coffee’ event again on Saturday July 21. The idea is to help us ladies break out of our normal friendship groups. So you tell us what time you are free and we’ll tell you which of our local coffee shops to show up at and who will be there to meet you. Don’t worry ladies, you can ask to be with a friend! Last year we had over 100 ladies sign up. Let’s make it even bigger this year.

Kids' Holiday Club

Coming up in the September/October holidays we have the massive, epic, totally-over-the-top kids’ holiday club. This year we’ve got all your favourite games, sports, music, crafts and carnivals as always as well as a trip to inflatable world! Registrations are open now. To secure your child’s spot please complete the form via the button below. Contact us at or 3261 5045.

See you at KHC!

Our Current Sermon Series

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In our morning services we are following through the early chapters of Genesis. Some of the trickiest passages in the Bible are recorded on the first dozen or so of its pages. We believe a deeper understanding of these stories goes forms a foundation to understanding the grand narrative of scripture. We hope to see you at our next 9am service… and bring your Bibles!

The Bible is transformational. We hear story after story about how even just a single verse has radically changed someone’s life. So what else is there to do but share these stories? So from July 17 through June 29 we’re doing exactly that. Our pastors, key leaders even people brand new to Bracken Ridge Baptist will be sharing the Bible verse that changed their life. Please come along to our 6pm service and see David, Graham or Drew if you’d like to share your own story one Sunday night.

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