Bracken Ridge Christmas Carols
  • 28 Greenore St
    Bracken Ridge QLD 4017

  • Norris Rd State School Oval

Bracken Ridge Christmas Carols

The Bracken Ridge Christmas Carols is one of the largest events in our community. We have been blessed to see it grow from a few hundred attendees to a few thousand over the last 20 years.

With a cast and crew of over 100 gifted and talented 4017 locals we are so proud to see how our community have embraced a local church’s attempt to see Christmas remain a celebration of what God has done for humanity in sending his son Jesus.

The 2019 Carols is still a long way off but if you have any questions about;

  • how to get involved in the show,
  • how to become one of our amazing sponsors, or
  • how to sign up to have a market stall

Please contact Graham on

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