GLOCAL is a combination of two words, global and local. In one word it expresses our desire to see God’s kingdom come right here in our local community and in other parts of the world.

At BRBC we have 4 Glocal partnerships that we invest heavily into:

Nepal: Maurice and Betty Coutanceau have been serving in Nepal for 16+ years- spending half their time in Pokhara and the other half in Australia! They are involved in building a small business that makes guitars and sells them around the world. You can visit the business by clicking here.

Zambia: The Eagles Wings team are a passionate group who serve the people of Zambia by establishing medical support, education for kids and university students, provide training for health and diet and share the Gospel. There are regular trips to Zambia that people from BRBC can sign up for, to experience the wonderful work!

Thailand: Our presence in Thailand involves 2 different groups, the GIA partnership with Muana and Villy and our very own Luke and Belle Harland, and with Mercy International orphanages and schools. To find out more about Luke and Belle’s ministry click here. To visit the Mercy International website click here.

Community Caring: Our Glocal presence is also active locally. We support chaplains at Bald Hills State School, Bracken Ridge State School, Norris Road State School, Bracken Ridge High, Sandgate High and Pine Rivers Special School.

To find out how to be involved in any of our 4 partnerships, please contact the church office on 3261 5045 and we will direct you!