Graham Wray

Graham Wray


I’m Graham, the Worship Pastor and Church Manager..

I first started coming here when my family moved to Bracken Ridge in 1987. I came to know Jesus as a child in the Sunday School and Kids’ Holiday Club programs, and grew in faith during my time at Youth Group and Youth Camps. I got my first chance to step into leadership within those same programs as a young adult.

In 2007, after completing my education degree, I moved away from Bracken Ridge to be a Early Childhood Teacher in Gladstone. It was sad to leave but, no complaints, I met a beautiful girl there name Jessica, dragged her back to Bracken Ridge, married her and became the new Children’s and Youth Pastor here at BRBC.

Over the years my role has shifted, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Divinity (slowing working on a Masters) and I became a father to two beautiful boys; Max and Josh.

The Church Manager role is still fairly new to me and not one I ever expected to be in but I’m loving the challenges that come with the role. I have a creative side too so while there aren’t too many pastors that do admin and worship, it’s the perfect mix for me.

I’m excited about the future ahead of us as a Church. We serve a God who has no limits and who has already won every battle. I can’t wait to see where he leads us next.

Youth and Young Adults Coordinator
Dave Ang